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About Beardsman

Beardsman started in 2006 in a sweaty warehouse with a few friends who all shared a common love for facial hair. The term and philosophy “Beardsman” originated from me, Austin Thomas, a web/graphic designer and screen printer that always wanted a beard but could never grow a good one. I don’t have the genes for a great full beard; it’s just a fact. (click to see my dream beard) After doing research and development I started to see that there was a thriving subculture of beard and mustache enthusiasts in the world not being properly represented and decided to make an entire line of t-shirts, merchandise, and website for those incredibly passionate growers. On August 5 th 2008, the Beardsman clothing line was born after almost 2 years of underground development. I have a vision of community instead of a broken landscape of beard growers. I see every man as a Beardsman and this site your home.

Welcome home,

Austin Thomas - CEO and Founder